Around The Horn’s J.A. Adande and Tim Cowlishaw Said What?! (About Kevin Durant and Glen Davis)

J.A. Adande and Tim Cowlishaw are two regulars on the ESPN show Around The Horn.  A good show, robust and fun debate between sportswriters around the country moderated by Tony Reali.  One of the topics that came up on today’s show was which team should be more concerned about a player being injured the night before.  Option one is Oklahoma City Thunder and the injury suffered by NBA leading scorer Kevin Durant.  Option two is Glen “Big Baby” Davis, the sixth man for the Boston Celtics.

Can someone please tell the producers of ATH if they are having such a hard time coming up with ideas for topics I am available for hire.  As mind-boggling as this question is, what is more mystifying is that J.A. and Timmy, actually said Boston should be more concerned!

At best, Davis is the fifth best player on his team.  Durant might be the fifth best player in the NBA!  I bet the average fan can’t name the second highest scorer on Oklahoma within ten seconds… One, two, okay it is an all-star and his name is Russell Westbrook.  Boston has four all-stars and Davis ain’t one of them!  You know who they are,  Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and they also have Shaquille O’Neal coming back soon.  Yes, an injury to a sixth man could hurt.  It goes without saying that any player good enough to be part of your regular rotation, if he goes down, it can be a set back.  But Oklahoma is done without Durant.

As of the airing of this  edition of Around The Horn, they didn’t know for sure the severity of either injury, just that they both went down last night.  Hypothetically, if it turns out to be as follows:   Durant  has to miss five minutes or Davis for the rest of the season.   What is a bigger loss? I might go with Davis in that scenario, otherwise there is no question.

Imagine if back in the day Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley went down on the same night, would any one speculate who was a bigger loss?  Or lets switch sports, say Tom Brady and a good third down cornerback that is part of your nickel package, or Albert Pujols and Aubry Huff.  Do you see where this is going?

They’re comparing a projected first ballet hall of famer in Durant on a team that has no others, to a non-starter, non-all-star, in Davis, on a team that has three sure-fire hall of famers, (Garnett, Pierce and Shaq) one probable (Allen) and one possible (Rondo).

Makes you wonder if the four panelists draw straws before the show and someone has to take the loser side of the argument.  I can’t even say props to Woody Paige and Bob Ryan for getting it right because this one is too obvious given what we know about the injuries as of this writing.

2 thoughts on “Around The Horn’s J.A. Adande and Tim Cowlishaw Said What?! (About Kevin Durant and Glen Davis)

  1. I think the problem with ESPN is the east coast bias, and the fact the no matter how good Durant is, he plays in Oklahoma City. there is an ESPNBoston, but no ESPNOklahoma. Appealing to the bigger market rather then bigger story makes more money for them, i guess

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