Shut Jeter Down Now!

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees - Game One

I don’t want to say it was overly optimistic that Derek Jeter could be in the NY Yankees‘ starting lineup to start the 2013 season.  If it was just Jeter saying so than yes, but I’m assuming the Yankees and Jeter are not taking his medical problems to the free clinic and their doctors are top notch.  If they thought it was possible to likely he could be ready than so be it.  But now reality has come crashing down and Jeter’s ankle is barking.

Barring a pennant race, if this were the middle of the season a team wouldn’t worry about getting a player back before he was ready.  There should be no additional angst because it is opening day.  Even if that opening day is against the Boston Red Sox.

Opening day hysteria is just that, hysteria. All is not necessarily right or wrong with the world if Jeter or any player makes or misses opening day.  Home teams that win openers on walk off home runs usually don’t go on to win world series and it is okay for DJ to miss opening day.


And just because Jeter may not be ready for the opener doesn’t mean this is the beginning of the end of Jeter’s career.  I forget, would this be the second or third beginning of the end for Jeter?   Do not count the Captain out!

No, the way this would or could be the beginning of the end for sure is if the Yankees, or Jeter rush himself back.

True, the Yankees are in a bind with all of their other injuries to players like Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, and Alex Rodriguez, but Jeter’s injury, yes coupled with his age, cannot and should not be rushed.

To help ensure that this is not the beginning of the end for Jeter, put him on the DL, end any thought of him for opening day and let him continue to focus on proper rehab.

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