Osi U-Men-Later! Umenyiora Signs with The Atlanta Falcons


When I think of Osi Umenyiora and his time with the NY Giants, I think of three things:  Great player, injury prone, and consistent whining about his contract.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Osi.  As a fan, it’s easy to get behind a player who is under appreciated or underpaid.  See the recently departed Wes Welker from the New England Patriots.  And see how Giant fans want the Jints to take care of Victor Cruz.

But it’s difficult to enjoy a player who seems to not be happy, and is often complaining about a deal negotiated in good faith.

We all know and have heard it over and over again, that from the player’s perspective, NFL contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.  Teams can cut players that under-perform, but players who outperform their contracts are locked in.  Boo hoo.  Not happy with the money you’re making?  Then budget your millions better.

What you don’t hear, are players complaining about the large upfront guaranteed money they make, and how much owners have taken it on the chin from players who never lived up to their contract.  JaMarcus Russell ring any bells?


You also don’t here complaints when, as in the case of Umenyiora, a player gets injured and receives his full paycheck when he is out of action, and or playing himself back into form.


Osi could have and should have been an icon in NY; retiring in Giant blue, and up there with Michael Strahan, and a notch below Lawrence Taylor.  Instead, many Giant fans will have no problem moving on from him.  He’ll always be appreciated for his efforts, but not to the level he could have been.

The shame of it is there are millions of people with real problems in the world.  I’m sure players like Osi have real problems as well, but their pro football contracts likely isn’t one of them.  Many of us would trade an appendage for the life these guys have earned.  Too bad some can’t seem to enjoy and appreciate it to the fullest when they’re in the moment.

After a year away from big blue, Aaron Ross is relieved to be back with the team that drafted him, the Giants.  Given some of former Giant’s running back Brandon Jacobs’ twitter tweets, I’m guessing he is sorry he left.

Sorry making boatloads of money and winning championships wasn’t enough for either Jacobs or Umenyiora while they were with the G-Men.

Good luck Osi.  Aside from the day you sign your new contract with Atlanta, hope you stay happy with it, and don’t complain about being underpaid if you have a three-sack game.

I hope you can appreciate what you have more now than you seemingly could with the Giants.  Oh and stay healthy.  Well if you don’t stay healthy, on the bright side, you won’t have to complain about being underpaid.


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