It Will Always Be Mother’s Day

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Dear Mom,

We were in each others lives for over 45 years. I couldn’t have made it without you. You are incomparable and irreplaceable.  My broken heart still mourns for you… But on Mother’s day I promise to honor you and do something that we would do and to smile doing it!

Here are 45, plus one for good luck, reasons I love you! (Wish you lived till I was 90, cause I wouldn’t have run out!)

  1. Because you gave me life
  2. Because when I was a baby you ran with me in a blizzard to save my life
  3. Because you slept in bed with me when I was afraid
  4. Because you loved me unconditionally
  5. Because of your smile and how good it made me feel
  6. Because you loved to sing even though you weren’t very good at it
  7. Because you taught me it is okay to enjoy things I’m not good at
  8. Because you believed in me
  9. Because you encouraged me to be me
  10. Because you worried about me
  11. Because of Momma’s fresh eggs
  12. Because of that night we went to Nana’s (Sucka! 🙂
  13. Because you taught me the important things in life
  14. Because nothing was more important to you than your children
  15. Because of how you cared for others


    Me flying to NY from Denver to surprise Mom at her 50th.

  16. Because of your reaction whenever I surprised you with a visit
  17. Because when life knocked you down you always got back up
  18. Because of the night I called you during the Northridge earthquake
  19. Because of your warmth and sensitivity
  20. Because of your strength
  21. Because the sound of your voice put me at peace
  22. Because of your loyalty
  23. Because you inspired me to be good
  24. Because of your sweet potato pie
  25. Because of how you adapted
  26. Because my happiness was your happiness (and vice versa)
  27. Because of the time you took care of me with frozen peas
  28. Because you didn’t take advantage of me when you always knew you could
  29. Because you still tried to protect me when it was my turn to protect you
  30. Because I got to share WTW with you
  31. Because of how we ended phone conversations
  32. Because of your courage and strength when the end was near
  33. Because of your understanding
  34. Because of thanksgivings
  35. Because of your favorite cocktail toast
  36. Because of Monday night football
  37. Because of pizza, Chinese food and ordering up
  38. Because of fudging
  39. Because I was the person you trusted
  40. Because of how you were with Holly (sweet little Maltese)
  41. Because of how you cared for Nana and Mel when it was their time
  42. Because the little things could make you happy
  43. Because of that time you flew me to the Sands hotel after the Giants won the Superbowl.
  44. Because of the joy you experienced when you would watch me eat (especially at buffets!)
  45. Because you put others before yourself (too much!)
  46. Because you’re sooooo cute!

Every day has always been mother’s day for me mom, because that is what you deserved… but the literal day was extra special because it meant something to you…

You will always be MBPM… I wish I could have done so much more for you!  But today isn’t about that.  It’s about honoring you with a smile and with love… and honor with love and a smile I shall.  Happy Mother’s Day Momma…

We will be in touch…                                                                                                          Yes…                                                                                                                                                   I love you very much…

Before, now, and always… Love,



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