How to Deal with Salespeople

Ten Tips on How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket!

(This blog was originally posted on the Yahoo Contributor Network on April 13th, 2011. As of 7/31/14 YCN has taken down all of its content)

Whether you’re innocently surfing the internet, are hard at work doing your job, or engaging in any leisure activities, salespeople and telemarketers are obsessing over one thing. They are trying or studying how to separate you from your money. In many cases they’re not just doing the best job to sell you what you want, but are focused on up selling you what you don’t.

In addition to not being manipulated into buying what you don’t need, paying a fair price, or the best price for what you do, is something that should interest us all.

Tip Ten: They say don’t food shop when you’re hungry because you’ll buy stuff you wouldn’t have otherwise. The same applies to all forms of shopping; as in avoid shopping when you are desperate. Desperate customers rarely get offered the best deals!

Tip Nine: Be firm. Whether on the phone or in person, know what you want before you engage a salesperson. Be up front that you don’t want to be sold any ancillary products and that you will walk away or hang up if pressed to do so.

Many times salespeople are required by their bosses to try and up sell you so the real evil lies behind the curtain, but if you’re firm they won’t want to risk losing the sale you approached them for.

Tip Eight: A salesperson is not your friend. Don’t buy because of personality. I’m all for selflessness but in this interaction it is all about your needs.

Tip Seven: “Creating value”. Here salespeople will use your interests against you by demonstrating how valuable their goods or services are. Other times they will appeal to your need for security, “if you use our legal protection service one time it more than pays for itself”.

The truth is, based on your needs, a good salesperson may create real value for you, but if something has value today, it will have value tomorrow and if you’re not ready to buy or be up sold don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the moment, take a day to think about it.

Tip Six: Remember your budget. Salespeople have this habit of breaking costs down to per day numbers. “For less than a cup of coffee or a soda per day you can have… “.

If you say yes to everything that costs less than a can of Pepsi a day eventually there is no money for anything else! Worse, you’re now in debt over crap you didn’t want!

Tip Five: Yes doesn’t always mean yes. Salespeople will try to get you to say the word yes as many times as possible so that towards the end of the sale, or “the close” if you are giving objections, they’ll hit you with “but didn’t you say yes to this, that, and the other thing?” Maybe you did, but maybe that was before you knew the closing costs, or about all the extras that were thrown in or before you finished comparison shopping, talking to your spouse, or any other reason you’re not ready to buy at that moment.

Tip Four: This is not a debate. So don’t let the salesperson turn it into one. After he or she asks for the sale, if you say no, the salesperson will try to uncover and overcome your objections. Unless you’re using your “no” as leverage to get a better deal, this is not a debate, you do not owe the salesperson reasons, and you’re simply not ready. Be polite if he or she was polite, ask for a business card and say you’ll get back when you’re ready.

Tip Three: Dealing with the rude or confrontational salesperson. I had a sales job in college at a health club and we were taught that, “80% of the time people who say they are going to come back and buy don’t come back, so do or say anything to get the sale. If a man says he has to talk to his wife ask him if he lets his wife make his decisions for him. If a woman says she has to talk to her husband ask if she thinks her husband would want her to look and feel better.”

Remember, you do not have to justify yourself to this stranger, just walk away and if after a break you decide you want the service give it to a competing company or another salesperson, anyone besides el rude!

If you want to take it one step further, you can ask to talk to the manager, and state that you are going to report them to the better business bureau, and post comments on message boards. Here they may offer you what seams like a better deal to accommodate you. Make sure it is still what you want and is best for you.

Tip Two: The soft close. Opposite of the confrontational close is the soft close where you are left alone with your thoughts. When you are done asking questions and having them answered if you are ready to buy than buy, if you’re not then disengage and do not allow the salesperson to reengage the debate.

You can also use the soft close on the salesperson. Give him or her the final terms that you will accept to make a deal and then be quiet.

Tip One: Most important. Do your research! A “sale” can be an illusion. Comparison shop, shop online, read reviews and consumer reports. In some cases you can get a better deal online from the same company than you can from the store or from calling direct.

The more you know before you engage a salesperson the better armed you will be to handle the interaction and get the best deal possible. I recently purchased a new car with the help of several great websites and got a great deal without having to haggle! One site I used was

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