If Rex Ryan Is Fired The Broncos Should Swoop In

Cincinnati Bengals v  New York JetsThe conventional wisdom is that Rex Ryan will be fired as head coach of the New York Jets after today’s season finale. Heck, it has already been reported that Ryan has started to clean out his office in anticipation of being canned.

Conventional wisdom part II from the sports media talking heads is that Rex should take a job in TV, learn about offense and or wait for another head coaching job to come his way. The thinking being that the league already knows he can coach defense so taking another defensive coordinator position won’t advance his credentials.

I disagree. Assuming the Denver Broncos do not win a Superbowl this year, I think Denver is a great fit for Rex Ryan as a defensive coordinator/ assistant head coach. Denver added some nice pieces to their defense this year and it showed. No disrespect meant to current Broncos d-coordinator Jack del Rio but as a defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan is arguably the best, oftentimes mentioned in the same sentence as Bill Belichik.

Speaking of the Patriots, another reason for the Broncos to bring in Rex is for his relative success coaching against New England and Tom Brady. The Pats figure to continue to be an obstacle for Denver, and Rex’s Jets defense have proven to give New England a tough time.  With Denver’s personal and Peyton Manning running the offense Rex’s defense could be even more effective.

Face it Broncos’ fans, Manning isn’t getting any younger and his arm is not getting any stronger. Defense and the running game may have to pick up more of the slack in 2015. From Rex’s perspective this works if the Broncos pay him like or close to a head coach, and give him the title of assistant head coach.

Assuming health and other moves Broncos GM John Elway makes to improve the team, Denver will be right there competing for a Superbowl next year. Ryan and his defense will get plenty of attention. If Denver wins the Superbowl (or the defense does it’s part), teams will be calling on Rex to be their head coach. As for Rex learning more about offense, of Manning, Rex once said:  “He’s the best offensive coordinator in the league.  He just happens to be playing quarterback”.  Having a year to have a front row seat watching Peyton Manning operate won’t hurt… Likewise, I’ m sure Manning would enjoy learning a thing or two from Rex about defenses and how they approach defending him.

Rex does have a personality for TV but like his father, he may be a football lifer.  Being out of the game may not suit him.  Being a prominent coordinator on a winning team, may be more desirable to him than TV or jumping back into head coaching for a losing team or a moribund franchise like the Oakland Raiders.

Could be a win/win short-term marriage for Ryan and the Broncos.


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