How To Find Happiness

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There is an old expression, “money can’t buy happiness”.   Given, the rate of drug addiction, and suicide among not only the rich, but famous and powerful as well, it is fair to say that fame and power are not the yellow brick road to happiness either.  Further, at least 50% of marriages end in divorce and I suspect many marriages that stay together have their challenges to happiness too.

So what does this suggest about happiness?

  • It may not be bought.
  • It may not be a destination.
  • It may not be something we can necessarily find in others.
  • It is not necessarily something we can find in accomplishment.

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In other words, many of us are looking in the wrong places for happiness.  So, the obvious question this leads us to is where is the right place?  Inside of you of course.  Like many questions about your life, the answer lies within you, if you are willing to explore and be honest with yourself.  If you are willing to look beyond the quick fix.

Happiness will manifest differently for different people.  In some it can be extroverted, and filled with laughter.  For others, it is more of an internal feeling of peace and contentment.

You may begin to find it by being honest about your needs and wants.  A quote by author Steven Forrest comes to mind, “making your actions dominant over your fears and intentions”.

It’s a battle.  We do a good a job of screwing each other, and ourselves up.  It is no surprise many of us run from self-exploration.  And whether it is actual drugs, material things, relationships, goals or accomplishments we seek, or distractions of any kind (binge watching TV, fantasy football, etc) they act like drugs.  They can only temporarily sooth, or cover up various issues.  Issues, that not dealt with, can torpedo happiness.  Whether it is an unresolved conflict or repressed regret for a path not taken, these distractions can mask but generally not cure the longing inside of us to find more.  To find true happiness.

What to do next?  I’ll write about that in part II of this post.


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