The page says acting, but I also write, direct and produce (Its 2016, who doesn’t?)… The below is a sample of what I have done.  More info. on IMDB.  With a few scripts I’ve written in development and more on the way, there will be more to come!

The Sex Tape

minidv Sex Tape 1 copy

Casey is a has been reality star who thinks making and leaking a sex tape will revitalize her career!  I wrote, directed and played the not so willing boyfriend in this short!  

CSI spins off to Los Angeles in a spoof where detectives analyze Paris Hilton’s career. How is my David Caruso?




Here is the trailer for a full length mocumentary I wrote, directed, produced and starred in called, Walking The Walk.



My demo includes work from the movie Orgazmo starring the creators of SouthPark, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.