You should see the reaction I get when I tell people I can rap!  A few songs down below…More to come!

I Believe

This is a rap that was inspired by Eminem’s Lose Yourself.  When thinking about a soundtrack for my indie movie, Walking The Walk I was like, it’d be great to have a rap like that. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

What Message Does It Send?

Not a rap, but a call to arms song about cancer.  Give a listen and get inspired to help spread and share the message to prevent and fight this horrific disease!

Force Within

So I was really bored at work one day when I wrote the lyrics to this next rap. I kind of laughed when I finished it and said to myself, dude you really need to quit this job! Anyway the video’s images are a mix of Star Wars and non SW images that popped into my mind.

No More

I was in Portland Oregon supporting my film, Walking The Walk, in The Faux Film Festival when I wrote ‘No More’.   I see the song as a call for embracing, or pursuing, free will, individuality and tolerance.

Standing There

This is a fun song, maybe a little cheesy, but it works perfectly for the opening of Walking The Walk.

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