Destination EB Webisodes

It’s been a while since I have been to a sports bar and I do not remember the food being this good! In addition to a ton of TV screens filled with sports action, like Hooters, the The Tilted Kilt is known for its wings and attractive waitresses.

On this night it was all about the barbecue bacon Angus burger and salty pretzel with dunking sauces. Look at Skinny go!

If I make it look good and you want to see if there is a location near you, check out:

This next webisode unintentionally became more than just another webisode about my exploration of East Brunswick. In it, I visited Tiger Schulmann’s MMA East Brunswick. The owner, Sensei Andrew Katz, did show me a couple of moves but this webisode is more about the kids. I paid special attention to Sensei Katz’ emphasis on how to protect yourself from bullies. I asked him about that and MMA.
East Brunswick has a rich and interesting history to appreciate and enjoy.  So much so, that you don’t have to be from EB to appreciate the pieces of history (and my goofy personality 🙂 shared in this webisode!

If you’re local, you can check out the EB Museum here…

Its been a while since I’ve taken a class. Its been since never that I took one in over 100 degree heat!  But hot yoga is a thing and I was game to give it try!

More than just yoga, Yoga Dosha owner Phebe Khalil incorporates the aryvedic concept of Dosha into her practice.
Don’t forget to be properly hydrated before and after you engage in any activity!  Watch me in this webisode and you’ll see why!

Looking for a fun new way to meet people and do something good for yourself? Then check out East Brunswick’s own Community Gardens. I do just that in this webisode of Destination EB. The East Brunswick Community Gardens is a place where you grow your own fruits, vegetables and spices. (I love me some all of the above!)

Liti Haramaty of EBCG explains, from novice to expert, people at the gardens help each other out. Which is good for me because I don’t exactly have a green thumb!

Robin Kaye of Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio has so much energy and passion for dance it’s infectious!  Seriously, a week later and I couldn’t stop myself from breaking out in random dance!  Okay, now really seriously, in this webisode, I get to observe dance classes of various age groups, talk to Robin and her daughter, Jasi-Lynn, who run the studio, and to a few of their students as well.
Oh yeah and I get to take an adult class myself where I might, just might, have embarrassed myself! Just a tad. I do it for you… because I care.

From Movin’ With Mom, to teenagers, and adults, Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio offers classes starting at age 10 months, and on up.  To check out the classes they are currently offering, you can click here.


Just in time for Halloween, my discovery of life in and around East Brunswick Begins. In this first webisode I visited Cheesequake Farms, don’t let the fresh produce and the kiddy tour fool you, they have some fun and scary activities on their Halloween menu that I got to experience first hand.


After getting the hair ripped, I mean waxed, off my chest, I felt I was entitled to a treat.  So in this episode I dine at La Crepe French Bakery & Cafe.  Zina K, the daughter of the owner, may have the blood of a Russian, but she has the heart of an East Brunswicker (is that a word?), having spent much of her life in and around EB.  Forget Cambell’s Soups, La Crepe serves up the crepes that eat like a gourmet meal!  But don’t ask for the recipes.  La Crepe uses technology and ancient scrolls (okay books) that you can no longer find.

 In this episode it is skinny vs. food!  Watch and see how I do!

Now at first mention, when you hear Tuscana Salon and Jeff Schubert, you might be thinking to yourself, what can Jeff discover there? Well, firstly, it’s not all about me (wait, what?). Secondly, Tuscana offers an array of services, and, just maybe, I will partake of one… We’ll see how it goes. However, before we do that, I talk to Tuscana owner Tracy Stoessler, her fabulous staff, and her regular customers. Generally, when I think of barber shop talk, I’m thinking, Ice Cube, inner city, and sports. But this place has a personality of its own. Just another great neighborhood business in EB that has more of a family feel to it.


Some grapes are green, some grapes are red, if you don’t eat before your drink, it will go right to your head!

In this episode, we will see, a man who drinks rarely, going to a winery!

If I didn’t know better I’d suspect the staff at Creme Ridge Winery of sampling their own product while working! They have a real joy and passion for their work. I get the tour from Jerry Amabile and learn about the wine making process, and do some tasting of their fabulous wines.


When he is not fulfilling his duties as Chief of Staff for Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin,  Adam Neary volunteers as an Executive Producer for East Brunswick’s community theater, Playhouse 22.  Playhouse 22 offers accessible theater to amateur actors.  But don’t let the amateur status fool you.  This is an award-winning theater house with a rich history that includes actors who have gone on to have great success.  In this webisode  we see clips from Playhouse 22’s past performances and get a “behind the scenes”, or in theater parlance, behind the curtain look at the current production that just opened on November 3rd to the public: Agatha Christie’s, The MouseTrap.