Filmnut Show

Filmnut  is a live show about the making, marketing and distribution of film, TV and new media.  It is kind of like the Actor’s Studio online except I interview below the line crew in addition to above the line.

In addition to hosting, I was the show’s writer, and together with Stream.Tv founder Brian Gramo, we executive produced the show.

All of the episodes are available on demand at TheStream.Tv/filmnut.

There are currently 142 long format interviews plus a lot of clips!  Below is just a sampling…

This was our 100th episode special where Brian and I looked back at our favorite interviews to that point:

This is with Actor Joel David Moore, one of the stars of Avatar who came on a few days before the release:

Here is an interview with Kate Levering from Drop Dead Diva:

My first interview with future Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn:

This was my second interview with Renee O’Connor, who played Gabrielle on Xena:Warrior Princess… Wow does did that show have a loyal following!

This was the second time we had emmy winning director Michael Lembeck on… Very knowledgeable and very funny!

I’m a huge Star Trek fan so it was to have Tim Russ on from Voyager:

Here is one with script consultant Pilar Alessandra:

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