It’s Not Me, It’s YOU!

On the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, Charlie and Vanessa become star crossed lovers the moment one of them finds out the other politically disagrees. They each seek to save their relationship by convincing their therapist that the other is the problem.

Writer/Director’s statement

The year is 2020. COVID-19. Presidential election. Social justice. A nation divided. People taking to social media to voice their concerns. Their anger. Their frustration. With emotions on edge, more and more it seems as if there is an intolerance for difference of opinion and a judgment of those who would disagree. I witnessed friends and family gleefully disassociating from each other over their different points of view. Forgetting that these were people who had always been there for them in hard times. Helped them with a shoulder to cry on, friendship, understanding… people that would donate an organ or take a bullet for them. People that were upstanding members of their community. All erased if they did not agree politically.  “What? Mother Theresa disagrees with me? Stone her!” I exaggerate… but not by much!

I was inspired to make It’s Not Me, It’s YOU! Because how we communicate with each other matters. If we can see and laugh at this dynamic in the film, my hope is that it helps in a small way with starting a dialogue about how to communicate about differences. Because the current paradigm of everyone canceling those they disagree with is not working. 

Speaking of canceling, I wrote the role of Vanessa for an actress friend of mine who loved the script but turned it down because she thought just by playing the role, she would get canceled! I saw the concern in her eyes was real. For a moment that made me sad, and it reinforced my reasoning and desire to get It’s Not Me, It’s YOU! made.