Infected: Hysteria And Politics

fbloggedonI planned on keeping quiet about the election. Between trolls and obsessed true believers, in many circles the interweb has become a nasty place.  But a friend mine on Facebook sincerely asked me for my thoughts. I hesitated.  Then I realized that leaving the pool to the trolls and those who can’t play nice in the sandbox is assuring that the situation will only continue to get worse.

My response to election 2016 is maybe I was a little more surprised by the result then I should have been. (Polls are partly responsible for that.)

However, I think those in the media that play up the angry white vote angle for Donald Trump, continue to do a disservice to the public by acting like the school yard instigator and contributing to the divide.  Trump basically got the amount of votes consistent with a republican candidate regardless of the opposing candidate, previous president, or current circumstances.

Hillary Clinton received fewer votes than President Obama did in 2012, (including among blacks, Latinos and women) which when you consider that many, rightly or wrongly, felt that between superdelegates going to Clinton in states and caucuses she lost, and the DNC shenanigans that we became aware via wikileaks, the will of the people was subverted in the democratic primary.

Further, again, rightly or wrongly, we knew as far back as the primary that HRC came with baggage that President Obama (and likely Bernie Sanders) did not, so it is not a shock that while Clinton won the popular vote in the general, she could not inspire the voter turnout as much as President Obama, and thus lost the electoral.

How Did We Get here?

For years there has been this negative feedback loop between politicians, the media, (main and social), and the public, that escalates and accelerates the ugliness, hypocrisy, arrogance, condescension, and close-mindedness that pervades our elections, and “discussions” (if you can call it that) of politics and social issues.

It gets worse every election cycle and makes it harder to govern for whoever is in charge.  The “loyal” opposition (both parties depending on who is in power) do what they can to obstruct and get to the next election where they hope to get more senate/ house seats and or the presidency. Politicians do it to save their jobs and as part of their means justify the ends thinking. By individual partisans and the media, this obstructionism is seen only as unidirectional where one side blames the other for doing it, and is in denial about doing it when it serves them. Or they acknowledge and justify obstruction behind either:

  • A-Self righteousness (means justify ends) 
  • B-The childish defense of, “they did it to us so we’re going to do it too!”

Too many people talk at or down to others, and are unwilling to listen and compromise. Their voices are louder and drown out the attempted voices of reason. Partisans not only troll their counterparts, but those who would dare attempt to have a neutral position or try to find a middle ground.  I’m sure I have already angered some with this post and what they would call false equivocating.

Where have you gone respectful disagreement? Yes, I understand there are very serious, even life and death issues at stake. Passions are high. That makes it more, not less important to really hear and respect each other.  How is the other way working out for us?  Think outside of the microcosm of one election.  Think about the progressive dysfunction of the government, the growing chasm between compatriots, and the ignored and or mounting issues we face as a nation.   

Aside from the malevolent, I don’t want to say these adverse behaviors/reactions are things most of us have been guilty of at one time or another, because it is more like a hysterical emotional/ psychological virus (HEPV, sorry True Blood fans) that we are victims to, and then spread.

I don’t say this to  judge or invalidate any beliefs, just that even valid beliefs are subject to HEPV, that then morphs otherwise good and reasonable people into a semi-delirious uncompromising versions of themselves. Not the most effective way to communicate. I exaggerate to make a point.

Speaking of exaggerating.  Another effect of HEPV is vulnerability to Fake news websites, social media, exaggerated/ false meme’s, and unsubstantiated “facts”, oh my.  These things do not seem to matter to many when they align with existing opinions.

The media is biased, most of us know this.  Depending on the outlet, it may tilt left or right. The less talked about media conundrum is its sensational predilections which is partly why star power and charisma trump, pardon the pun, qualifications and experience when it comes to covering/ promoting candidates.

Further, the tabloids and internet websites created a frenzied rush to get stories out first. Cable news created the need to present it in an entertaining/provocative way. Objectivity, accuracy, and truth are often casualties of this war.

Many in the media have betrayed the public trust.  As a result they are not trusted, even when they are accurate. NO ONE should get their news from ONE source. 

As for our president-elect, he is a true wild card who does have the potential to surprise us in good ways.  Or, be the worst nightmare that many think he will be. Time will tell. I voted third-party (for the 3rd or 4th time in my life) because I truly believe the country needs a viable 3rd party, and in this instance because I live in a non battleground state. In case you’re wondering, if I lived in a battleground state, I would have un-enthusiastically voted for the devil I know in Clinton as opposed to the devil I don’t know in Trump. However, I do not fault those in battleground states who did vote third-party for too many reasons to go into here.  

Barring the start of WW III, (not an impossibility given current state of world affairs) Susan Sarandon may be on to something when she inferred maybe we have to hit bottom (with Trump via a Marxist Revolution) and start over.  I certainly hope not, but don’t know.

I’m not sure how we get out of this cycle of an escalating divide…this hypnotic trance we are in… but if we don’t, and if Trump is as bad as many fear, if THAT is not bottom, then the next war might not be WW III but CW II. 

The things I am speaking of, (HEPV) are generally easier to see in others than it is in ourselves. It is important that we try. Hate to sound cataclysmic but the fate of our democracy and more rides on it. #wakeup & #snapoutofit

Tips For Moving Forward:

  1. Get news from more than one source.
  2. Fact Check.  (For The Love Of GOD, Especially Memes!!!)
  3. Know that you’re not right about everything therefore those you disagree with must be right about something.  
  4. Be as tolerant of others as you would want them to be tolerant of you.  
  5. Breathe and say a mantra before you react to others.  Or let yourself cool off before posting on social media.  
  6. Don’t be a hypocrite (substitute other name(s) or group(s) to see if you think something is okay or not).  
  7. Don’t lose friends over politics.  
  8. Stay engaged outside of election season and find positive ways to interact and make a difference in causes you care about.  
  9. End conversations with a handshake, or a hug, or a positive emoji/smiley face 🙂
  10. Stay humble, stay grateful and stay hungry. 

Going forward, of course I, and I hope you, wish for the President-elect to succeed in his role in matters of national security and the economy.  For social issues, the environment, I share concerns that many of you have and I encourage everyone to get or stay activated, peacefully protest when desired, and engage in civil discourse.