How To Fix The NCAA / NBA One And Done Situation

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College basketball players (and football and any other revenue generating college sport, male or female) should be getting paid and or allowed to earn revenue.  That is not the NBA’s problem.  But just because it is not its problem, it doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the solution.  And it doesn’t mean the NBA can’t benefit from that solution.

One and done stinks.

It is not good for the college game – We’re now rooting for laundry and rivalries on muscle memory.   However they’re nothing like they use to be with the constant turnover of marquee players.

It’s not good for the NBA game – Players aren’t developed like they use to be, nor come into the game with the following they use to.

It is not good for the college players who aren’t getting paid for their skill – While comparisons to slavery are off-base, in high revenue generating sports, players not getting paid or being allowed to earn money is a gross form of exploitation.

One solution I’ve heard Jason Whitlock from FOX Sports talk about on his podcast is to somehow turn college basketball into the NBA’s minor league system and figuring out a way for NBA teams to help pay the players.  Whitlock goes on to talk about how the college game is hurting and improving it would be good for the NBA.  I agree.

Michael Jordan was so infatuated with North Carolinahe wore their practice shorts under his Chicago Bulls shorts his entire career.  Despite making far less money in their pro-careers, legends of the past, Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isaiah Thomas, (the first), Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, etc., stayed in college longer and are more devoted to the institutions that didn’t pay them then the pro teams that did.  (Side note, don’t tell me there is no value from learning from Dean Smith, Mike KrzyzewskiJohn Thompson, John Wooden, etc., etc., and staying in school for more than a year.

Today’s NBA player, doesn’t have the loyalty of players past.  Today’s NBA player takes the path of least resistance and doesn’t want to overcome obstacles.  They want super teams.  Players use to team hop/ring chase at the end of their careers, most now look for the quick exit.  This isn’t “wrong”.  It is the player’s right, but is it good for the game?  Is this decreased loyalty and path of least resistance good for owners and fans?

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Considering the owners keep trying to change the salary cap and rules to create incentives for less player movement, I’m thinking the owners don’t like it.  Fans look at how past players, like Jordan, had to overcome the Detroit Pistons, who had to overcome the Boston Celtics AND  Los Angeles Lakers and how the game’s best competed against, and not with each other, as diminishing the accomplishments of today’s players looking for the easiest path.  And the saying, “well 20 years from now no one will remember”, is no longer true.  The explosion of the media/social media will assure distinctions that may have been lost in 1900’s will in fact be remembered.

So what’s the fix?

1 – The NBA and NCAA need to get together and make college basketball the                             official minor league system of the NBA.

2 – The best and most exciting way to do this is to allow NBA teams to draft                              players coming out of high-school if they choose to enter the draft.

3 – Before the start of each NCAA season, the NBA team will have the choice to                       bring the player up to the NBA team or have him play college ball.  Once the                       college season begins, the player is committed for the season, with a “minor                       league” salary.

4 – When that player’s college season is over, the NBA team could bring the player                 up (with pay) to help them for the rest of that NBA season without effecting his                 college eligibility for the following year.

For example, let’s say the Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball out of high school and after UCLA lost in the tournament they called him up.  The following season, the Lakers could have a choice at the start of the year.  One- have him play his sophomore year at UCLA or be with the Lakers from the start.

5 – Each season the pro-team has the player stay in college, the player gets an                            increase in salary.  Plus, players should be allowed to earn endorsements.

6 – All players should be able to earn a baseline salary (plus endorsements) that                       can be based on a percentage of revenue whether they are drafted by the NBA                     or not.

7 – If an NBA team chooses to bring up a player at the start of the NBA season,                         than his rookie contract would kick in, the team could not send him back to                         college, and he would forfeit the remainder of his college eligibility.

Under this formula, the players, the NCAA and NBA all have something to gain.  Players are getting paid right away.

Many would likely stay in school longer which should improve their development and perhaps would inspire loyalty and teach them about overcoming obstacles.  By sticking around maybe they win that NCAA title that they lost their freshman year, and make great relationships that they wouldn’t have.

Brief stints with the pro-team can show them what they need to work on and give them feel for NBA life so that by the next time they’re called up they’re more ready for it.
The player, NCAA and NBA would gain from the buzz of the elite players going back and forth from the college to the pro game once the player’s college season is over.
Player or team options to waive or re-enter the draft if the pro team doesn’t commit to the player at the start of an NBA season after year two, three or four can be worked out, but the above framework allows players to be paid right away and improves the college and pro-game.

Oh and did I mention, the media would have an absolute field day debating the decisions made by coaches as to when to take players, bring them up, send them down, etc..

There is some risk for the player in that if he doesn’t develop as projected his stock could lower (or rise), and he could be waived or lose his NBA rookie contract.  For the elite high school athlete this risk could be offset by endorsements and other earning opportunities.

There are kinks to be worked out but one thing is for sure, it is past time for college athletes (NCAA division I basketball and football specifically) to be getting paid something.

10 Reasons The NY Yankees Won’t Win World Series in 2018

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Overnight, the “Baby Bombers”, morphed back into the “Evil Empire”, and the bandwagon is getting crowded fast.  However, before Yankee fans (of which I am one) start celebrating number 28, (as in World Series wins) below is ten reasons why that flag may not be raised come November.

10Surprise team.  Which team might this be?  I don’t know, that’s why they call it a surprise.  Not too many people were picking The Philadelphia Eagles to win the Superbowl this year.  Since the inception of the wild card in 1994, six wild cards have won the world series.  That, and worst to first is like a thing now.

9Aaron Judge does not duplicate rookie success.  Judge can have a great year and still fall short of 52 homers and 114 RBI.  You can’t just pencil in production like that.  And while he is expected to be 100% ready by spring training, he did have off-season shoulder surgery.  I guess we will find out if that second half slide he has last season was due to the shoulder or pitchers adjusting to him.

8Giancarlo Stanton just had the best year of his career.   It is also the first time in his 8 seasons he has played more than 150 games.  What are the odds he plays all 162 again?  And while he did not come to the Yankees via free agency, it is his first season in NY, with a huge contract and huge expectations, oftentimes, it takes half a season to a season to adjust to life and pressure in the pinstripes.

7Thin starting pitching.  There is a reason why GM Brian Cashman is scouring the pitching market.  For an ace/ #1, Luis Severino can be inconsistent, Mashahiro Tanaka under-performed last season, and his elbow is still a candidate for needing Tommy John surgery.  CC Sabathia has knee issues and father time banging on his door, and Sonny Grey is good but doesn’t scare anybody.  Like former hall of fame Yankee manager Joe Torre use to say… We will only be as good as our pitching.

6Injuries.  You never know who or when the bug might hit you.  In addition to red flags of Tanaka and Sabathia, Aroldis Chapman spent time hurt last season.  In the four seasons prior to last, Stanton missed, 43, 88, 17, and 46 games.

5– Reacting to the pressure.  The Yankees are no longer be the cute underdog Baby Bombers.  They are among the favorites.  In other words they’re back to being the hunted.  We’ll see how the players and the rookie manager handle the pressure and adversity that comes with that.

4– Dodgers are still the favorite.  The Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs will still be around.

3– Bullpen may be overratedAroldis Chapman was inconsistent and showing signs of declineDellin Betances was a disappointment last season.  Yes the pen is still a strength, but it may be just a tad overrated and overused due to a starting rotation that doesn’t give you a ton of innings (in part due to analytic era) and possible injuries.  Will they be fresh by the postseason?

2– Rookie Manager/ rookie bench coach – it’s all well and good to have a winning smile, and get all along with everyone at ESPN, but neither that nor the home run Aaron Boone hit in 2003 will prepare him for every situation he will face.  Looks like he makes a great “good cop”, but sometimes being a great manager means being “a bad cop”, and analytics won’t always have the answer.   Not sure if it’s all-inclusive, but according to ESPN, rookie managers don’t win often.

1– Teams with better starting pitching.  This goes with number 7.  The Bombers may set all kinds of records during the regular season, in part due to feasting on pitching on bad teams.  The playoffs tend to bring out the teams with very good to great pitching.  Right now, the teams list in number 4 have better starters.

With their hitting and bullpen, the Yankees are clearly built to make a strong regular season run.  The post season?  Not so sure.  Of course other teams can be hit by injuries, and there is still plenty of time for the Yankees to improve their starting pitching via free agency, trade, or one of their ballyhooed prospects coming into play.

It will not be a big surprise if the Yankees do win number 28, but these are some reasons not to plan the parade down the Canyon of Heroes just yet.

How To Find Happiness Part II

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In part one of this blog I identified where people look, but may not find happiness. There are a couple of thoughts from part one I want to expand on:
1- Not looking for the quick fix.
2- Making actions dominant over fear and intentions. (from a quote by Steven Forrest.)

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First, the quick fix: With each generation there seems to be an exponential increase in attention deficit disorder.  This isn’t a, “let’s pile on millennials” comment, rather a commentary on the mirrored evolution of our collective inability to slow down.  Paired with the advances in technology, distractions, and things to do, the pace and expectations for life have changed.

Further, we are living longer.  We have more conveniences to help complete responsibilities and chores in less time.  And we are healthier.  Yet despite having more time, we act like we have less.  Like we have no time to take care of ourselves and waste time on an esoteric search for happiness.  Nonsense.  No.  Not the esoteric search for happiness, rather, the idea that we don’t have the time to do so.

Another issue with “the quick fix” is that it is fools gold.  It doesn’t deliver what it promises.  Perhaps temporarily but not in the long run.  It requires quick fix after quick fix to pacify you.  These detours and distractions take many forms, I’ll leave it to you to fill in your blanks of where they may manifest in your life.

This reminds me of the of notion of the criminal, or lazy person, and if they would put as much energy into honest work as they put into getting out of it, they’d be okay.

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Second.  Making actions dominant over fears an intentions.  And I’ll add a third component to this one, a sense of obligation and responsibility.

 Socialization is a necessary reality of any society.  However, a drawback is the one size fits all conditioning for what makes a “good life”.  A “successful life”.  A “happy life”.

When this conditioning is at odds with what we truly want or for whatever reason do not have, it can torpedo a positive self-image, create stress, and unhappiness.  I’ve counselled many clients and friends who feel trapped by their situations, when in reality they are trapped by their own fear, and the limitations they are putting on themselves.  They either can’t see their options, are afraid to take them, or use their circumstance as an excuse.  Unhappy marriages, jobs, and vices, do not have to last forever.  Black and white thinking and inability to see options add to this dilemma.

Reasons, excuses, whatever you want to call them, if they are fueled by fear then they are an obstacle to your happiness.  However, obstacles can be overcome.

Another element to consider is the idea that we can have it all.  Like the increase in ADD, there has been an increase in the desire to have it all.  Many of us want more, and appreciate less.  This is not a recipe for happiness.  There is almost an addictive mechanism to the freedom and opportunities we have.  And like a drug, we build tolerance to it.  We take for granted that which we have and feel the need for more.

Freedom and opportunity are obviously basic human rights that all of us should have.  However, if, and when they foster an attitude of selfishness, entitlement, spoiled nature, and a lack of appreciation for what we do have, then they may needlessly sabotage happiness.

The path to happiness can be challenging to varying degrees for each individual based on too many factors for me to get into here, but if you’re not already there or if you feel like you can use a spike in happiness, that will be easier if:

  1. You can accept the things you can’t control.
  2. You can appreciate what you have.
  3. You augment goal oriented thinking with a focus on just making good choices and validating yourself for doing so.
  4. You name the fear inside of you and deal with it.
  5. You explore the current balance you have between choosing the practical over what is in your heart.
  6. You explore the current balance you have between planning for the future and living in the moment.  (And if you do not understand what living in the moment means, I urge you to do so.)
  7. You evaluate how you are taking care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and are open to improving.
  8. You read part III of this post… Coming soon!  (Okay this last one isn’t as important as the rest, but humor your humble blogger! 🙂

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Can We Talk About Bullying?

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Bullying is one of those things that when it happens to the degree that a bullying incident goes viral, people are quick to comment, and rightfully condemn the act.  But when the judgement is done.  When the venting is done.  What has changed?  Maybe a policy here or there?  I don’t want to minimize that.  I’m appreciative of efforts to put a stop to bullying.  However, like many issues, when the next story hits, bullying recedes to the background. 

What is inspiring me to write this today is  not long ago I had the opportunity to observe a martial arts class at Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts as part of a web show I am hosting called Destination EB.  I was looking forward to the training aspects of the episode as I had studied Tae Kwon Do in college.  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Sensei Andrew Katz incorporate confidence and self-defense against bullying into his teaching.  These are worthwhile messages for boys and girls to learn.

Around the time of the filming, there was an anti bullying commercial/PSA from Burger King that had gone viral.   It’s a good one and worth watching if you haven’t seen it.  In the commercial, the bullying is done by actors, but the “spectators” don’t know this.  In the ad, a high school junior and some hamburgers get bullied.  To our collective shame, 95 percent of the customers reported their damaged burger, while only 12 percent came to the high school junior’s aid.

That sounds really bad, and it is, but the truth is humans can have a predictable reaction when it comes to potentially dangerous, or simply situations where they don’t know what to do.  They can freeze.  Observing a bullying situation, psychology may trigger the fight or flight response, and in this particular situation, the safe thing may be to do nothing.

  • What do I do?
  • What if the bullies start verbally assaulting me?
  • What if it leads to a fist fight?
  • What if they’re a minor and they attack me and I hit them in self-defense and am accused of using too much force?
  • What if they have a weapon?

These are just an example of a handful of questions that may consciously or unconsciously race through a person’s mind, when witnessing bullying, that can paralyze an otherwise good person from taking action.

In clinical groups that I lead I have often said the worst time to prepare for an earthquake is in an earthquake.  I think that message applies to anti-bullying.  If we want to lower that 95% number we have to arm people with information.  The “see something, say something” of the Burger King PSA is a simple message.  It is a start.  But the conversation needs to continue.  More scenarios need to be thought and talked through with what is and is not an acceptable response.

For example, I recently was certified in CPR/First Aid for the first time in over ten years.  First thing the instructor does when I tell him when I was last certified is, he spreads his arms as wide as he could and said, ten years ago I could teach you this much.  He then narrows his arms to where his hands are practically touching, and says now I can teach you this much.  Why?  Because when good Samaritans make mistakes or are overly aggressive, bad things can happen.  People can get hurt or die, and well intended people, who were trying to help, can get sued.

That last sentence could just as easily apply to a good Samaritan responding to a bully.  It is not offered as an excuse to do nothing, rather as reason why some may not.

The dialogue and education have to continue as to how to appropriately intervene AND follow-up.  Follow up, (by the parents, guardians, teachers, etc.) is extremely important.  Otherwise, you can unintentionally make a bad situation worse.  How?  Bullies don’t like getting in trouble.  When they do, they may blame their intended victim, and intensify the bullying behavior the next chance they get.  This includes threats to the victim to keep quiet or else.  If the victim doesn’t trust whoever is in authority to adequately deal with the bully, then the victim will stay quiet.

What the bully and the victim have in common is the ability to put on a good front.  Parents, teachers etc., must be diligent to see through it and follow-up even if there isn’t any evidence on the surface.

The victim needs to feel safe.  The bully needs to be held accountable for his behavior.  Both need to be educated in their own way moving forward or each will face emotional and psychological ramifications effecting present and future relationships.  But we can’t educate either until we educate ourselves.

Here are some links to learn more:


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Is LA Big Enough For Lebron James AND LaVar Ball?

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Is Los Angeles big enough for the two of them?

It seems like we can’t go more than a few days without a story about the possibility of Lebron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers next season as a free agent.  As the story goes, he has houses here, the entertainment business is here, and winning a title with a third team in LA will add to his legacy, yada yada yada.  And though not a good team, we’re told the Lakers will also sign Paul George and make other moves to make the team more championship ready for the King.

Setting aside the fact that the Lakers would still have ground to gain on other loaded western conference teams, and LBJ would be giving up his eastern conference gravy train to the finals (although Boston is a coming), there is one little factoid not being talked about.

The side-show that is LaVar Ball.  Why on Earth would LBJ want to subject himself to that?  Oh, maybe LaVar will promise Lebron he’ll slide into the background if he signs with the Lakers.  You know, like how Ball promised Magic Johnson.  We see how that has worked out.  This man is quiet for n-o-b-o-d-y.

Who is LaVar going to blame if things are going badly?  Right now it’s Coach Luke Walton.  Maybe it will continue to be Walton or whoever else might replace him at some point.

But what if Ball started blaming James?  What if Ball jumps on the bandwagon of James’ critics, and questions James for his leadership?  Ability to close a game?  Clutch foul shooting?  Or infers that any of these thoughts are coming from the team?

Again I ask, why on Earth would Lebron want expose himself to the LaVar Ball circus?  James has legitimate critics out there, but Ball, if history were to hold to form, would not be one of them.  But he might get more attention for it than any of them.  Walton doesn’t deserve L. Balls yapping now, and James certainly wouldn’t deserve it later.

I mentioned the word legacy in the first paragraph.  In case you haven’t noticed legacy is something that is important to Lebron.  See how Lebron clapped back at Charles Barkley when Barkley made unflattering comments about him.  Lebron wasn’t going to let Sir Charles “disrespect his legacy”.  Nor was LBJ going to stand for it when Phil Jackson referred to his inner circle as “his posse”.  Further, LaVar has already irritated Lebron with his comments about Lebron’s children.  James was well justified in response.

And what if Lebron comes to the Lakers and they win?  When Lebron has won in Cleveland and Miami, a majority of the credit and adulation went to him.  It might be if he were to win in LA but that doesn’t mean LaVar wouldn’t tweet anything in his power to take away props and attention from Lebron, diminish his contribution and credit himself (and maybe Lonzo) for being the one to “talk it into existence” and whatever else he can come up with.

LBJ can stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers who have a high number one pick on the way, or join a loaded Houston Rockets team with good friend Chris Paul.

Those seem like far better options.

If Lebron does want to go to the Lakers or at least explore it, I can see him going to Magic behind close doors and saying, you want me?  Trade Lonzo Ball.  If the Lakers did trade Lonzo in order to sign Lebron it would probably ignite a twitter sh*t storm from LaVar directed toward James.

This could actually be a good thing for James as it could provide cover for him for leaving Cleveland again.  Cleveland fans could be burning jerseys, rioting, (I don’t think Cleveland’s reaction would be nearly as strong the second time around.) but the media wouldn’t care because when LaVar talks they lap it up like a dog drinking from a toilet bowl on an Arizona summer day.  Many would jump to Lebron’s defense and by the time the storm died down it would be like oh yeah, Lebron left Cleveland again.

Like they used to say in the old westerns… This town ain’t big enough for the both of them.  Lebron, free advice:  If Lonzo is still with the Lakers, don’t do it.


How To Find Happiness

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There is an old expression, “money can’t buy happiness”.   Given, the rate of drug addiction, and suicide among not only the rich, but famous and powerful as well, it is fair to say that fame and power are not the yellow brick road to happiness either.  Further, at least 50% of marriages end in divorce and I suspect many marriages that stay together have their challenges to happiness too.

So what does this suggest about happiness?

  • It may not be bought.
  • It may not be a destination.
  • It may not be something we can necessarily find in others.
  • It is not necessarily something we can find in accomplishment.

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In other words, many of us are looking in the wrong places for happiness.  So, the obvious question this leads us to is where is the right place?  Inside of you of course.  Like many questions about your life, the answer lies within you, if you are willing to explore and be honest with yourself.  If you are willing to look beyond the quick fix.

Happiness will manifest differently for different people.  In some it can be extroverted, and filled with laughter.  For others, it is more of an internal feeling of peace and contentment.

You may begin to find it by being honest about your needs and wants.  A quote by author Steven Forrest comes to mind, “making your actions dominant over your fears and intentions”.

It’s a battle.  We do a good a job of screwing each other, and ourselves up.  It is no surprise many of us run from self-exploration.  And whether it is actual drugs, material things, relationships, goals or accomplishments we seek, or distractions of any kind (binge watching TV, fantasy football, etc) they act like drugs.  They can only temporarily sooth, or cover up various issues.  Issues, that not dealt with, can torpedo happiness.  Whether it is an unresolved conflict or repressed regret for a path not taken, these distractions can mask but generally not cure the longing inside of us to find more.  To find true happiness.

What to do next?  I’ll write about that in part II of this post.


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Healthier Eating For Dummies

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One doesn’t have to watch much of the news or scroll down their social media pages to see there is a lot of disagreement in the world.  But whether you are rich or poor, black or white, or anything in-between, one thing I have observed that most of us have in common is… we love to eat!

Unfortunately many associate healthy eating with boring eating, or something that is too much of a pain to bother with.  I would suggest that heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are far more of a pain and a bother… but… I’m not going to go there… in the rest of this blog anyway.

Healthier eating, can be simple, delicious and can be in addition to, and not instead of, some of your not so healthy choices.  Hey, I am trying to be realistic here.

One thing you can do to eat healthier is get a steamer and start steaming your vegetables.

A- This improves the taste over raw.
B- They retain more vitamins than other cooking methods and in the case of some vegetables, even more than if eating raw.
C- It can be easier to digest than raw.

How simple is this?  Gets some raw, or frozen vegetables, fill the steamer with water and wait about ten minutes.

Now for the taste part.  Pick a vinegar.  I like apple cider and balsamic.  Pick a healthy fat, (could be your favorite nut, flax or chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, etc.) And pick a seasoning such as garlic, onion, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, oregano, rosemary etc..  And now you have a quick, easy, and healthy addition to your meal.

It amazes me how my co-workers will often comment on how delicious my homemade lunches look but yet they spend more money and eat less healthy daily going out for lunch.

Next tip is to get yourself a blender.  Nutribullet has a line of affordable blenders.  So does nutri ninjaVitamix would be the Rolls Royce of blenders.  With any of these blenders you can throw a bunch of healthy stuff in, and knock out your recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  (Hint, once you find the blender you like you might find a better deal on it by shopping around to places like Amazon, Walmart, Groupon, etc., than on the site that makes the blender.)

I have successfully used fruit to ween myself off of unhealthy sugars.*  Maybe it can help you to.

But what about cleaning?

Blenders vary, but many models are dishwasher safe or, wait for it, you can clean it by putting some water in the blender, a drop of soap, and then running the blender for like thirty seconds to a minute.  Simple right?  (Check the model you buy for instructions.)

A grinder.  If you have a coffer grinder, you can also use it to grind flax or chia seeds.  These fats are high in Omega 3 and are more bio available when ground.  If you don’t have a grinder, some of the high-powered blenders above can also do the trick.  Or you can buy them pre-ground.  (Though it is better to grind yourself).

If you’re currently not doing any of the above and you start doing one of the above one time a week, you may be eating healthier without sacrificing the joy of eating.  Of course that’s assuming you’re not adding any more unhealthy foods to your diet!

Getting started

Before closing out this link and moving on and forgetting you ever read this post.  Open a page and right down what you’re going to do next.  Maybe it’s dust off the steamer and blender you already have and aren’t using.  Maybe it’s using it more.  Maybe it is shopping for a new one.  But if you’re still reading, you’re still interested!  So take that next step for a healthier you!

For more tips on healthier eating see a previous blog I posted: 15 Tips To Eat Healthier

* Unlike “added sugars”, there are many health benefits to fruit, however if you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic, all sugar intake needs to be monitored.  Please consult your doctor for more information.


Material placed on this website by Jeff Schubert is for the purpose of providing information only. It is not intended as the practice of medicine or the provision of medical services. This site and it does not provide medical or mental health advice. Jeff Schubert makes no representation, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information. The content provided by Jeff Schubert is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your provider or other healthcare professional with any question regarding any medical or mental health condition.

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Make 2018 A Year Of Discovery!

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Peekaboo!  Ah the joy of discovery.  What laughter and joy it can bring.  In addition to fun and games, we humans are innately curious.  From newborns to old age there is something magical about the process of discovery.

So instead of resolutions, how about discoveries in 2018?

As the saying goes, resolutions are easy to make and easy to break.  So if you have been disappointed by resolutions in the past, discouraged from making them, or maybe they’ve never been your thing, forget resolutions and focus on what you can discover in the new year!

Ask yourself:  What can you discover about yourself in 2018?

  • That you enjoy doing?
  • About a relationship you are in?
  • About someone you love?
  • About how you love?
  • About a new hobby.
  • About the world we live in.
  • About other cultures.
  • About your own culture!
  • About the good things you have in your life.
  • About why you react the way you do?
  • About what makes you happy?

Discovery involves exploration and an open mind.  It can be scary.  And there is no guarantee you will always like what you find.

The rewards to discovery can be joy, excitement, personal growth, new experiences, or a new perspective on old ones, gratitude, letting go of things not working and the cathartic release that may come with it, and more…

Maybe in 2018 you will discover an interest in a sport, exercise or hobby that leads to better health, or weight loss… And the key here is, instead of thinking in the traditional terms of a “resolution to lose weight” which may feel like trying to turn a negative into a positive, and like a burden or responsibility, rather, to thinking about it in terms of discovering some activity you like.  Then, better health and weight loss will come as a byproduct of that!

Maybe you discover a new hobby which leads to new friendships, better mood, etc…

Maybe you discover a new career interest which leads to better pay and or life satisfaction OR…Maybe you discover something about your job, or the job market, that leads you to appreciate the one you have more.

Maybe you discover that you have the freedom to make choices and that the feeling of being trapped is a construct of your own mind, and you are free to move on or stay put.  And if you choose to stay put, this mental manipulation may help improve your outlook and lead to a happier more productive you!

I don’t think we ever lose that sense of wonderment that we are all born with.  Socialization, and maybe a few bumps in the road, has a way of locking it away sometimes.  But it is there.  You can unlock it!  And in 2018, I am challenging you to explore and or rediscover it!

All the best for a healthy and happy new year!

Peace on the journey.


You Wished Me A Merry Christmas And It’s Okay!

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It is Saturday, December 23rd, 2017.  I just got back from the gym.  As I was leaving, the young man behind the counter wished me a merry Christmas.  Within half a second, he raised one hand, put the other over his mouth, and profusely apologized as if he uttered a slur of some kind, and said happy holidays.  He went on to say something about not being able to tell what I am or celebrate.  (I am more of a Festivus kind of guy these days)

Well, for the record, I am not Christian, and I do not celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday.  Growing up in New York City, I just knew Christmas as a time of year where:

  • Everyone seemed friendlier.
  • There were great cartoons.
  • There was a vacation from school.
  • And yes, presents.

So, even after I became aware of Christmas as a religious institution, I still looked it as holiday that you didn’t have to be Christian to like, appreciate, and enjoy!  I never viewed the wishing of a merry Christmas as an attempt to lure me into Christianity, or ignore the religion of my birth.  I received it with the intention that I perceived it to be given.

Now, there are racial and ethnic slurs that I understand why they’re so offensive, and why parents would raise their youth to understand why.  A well intended Merry Christmas does not fall into that category.  Nor should it be treated or responded to as if it were.  This young man behind the counter at my gym didn’t need to react as if he committed an unforgivable sin.

The country is still predominantly Christian, his intention was to wish me well.  If I didn’t want to recognize Christmas, I could have and would have politely pointed it out, but there would not have been any need for me to take any great offense to it.

Yes, over the years I have transitioned to the philosophy of when in doubt wish someone a happy holidays over a Merry Christmas.  And while I do think there is a time and a place for political correctness, I believe this would be an example of it going to far.

With that, and to all who celebrate it:

Merry Christmas!

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And to the rest,

Happy Holidays!

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Why The Stanton to Yankees Jeter Conspiracy Doesn’t Make Sense

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About ten years ago, Minnesota Timberwolves Vice President and former Boston Celtic great Kevin McHale, gifted Kevin Garnett to the Boston Celtics.

Back then there was some noise about it, but social media being what it is now and the New York Yankees being involved this time and being “the evil empire” and all, this Giancarlo Stanton trade is drumming up a lot of conspiracy talk.

Yes, Derek Jeter, part owner of the Miami Marlins, is a Yankee icon who just traded the 2017 NL MVP to his former team.   And many think there is something fishy about that.  (Sorry, I had to.)

Sorry to inject some reasoning and get in the way of a good conspiracy but let’s look at some of the factors that existed prior to and brought about this trade…

  • The Miami Marlins were financially challenged before and after Jeter’s ownership group took over the team.
  • The Marlins have had two “fire sales” prior to Jeter’s arrival and it was considered a possibility there would be a third regardless of who the new owner was.
  • Stanton has a monster contract and was likely to be traded under this scenario.
  • Are conspiracy theorists suggesting that for years the Marlins were intentionally losing money, had two fire sales so they could sell the team and set up a third and not look suspicious?  I didn’t think so.

However, Miami homer, The Dan Le Batard show tweeted:

This sounds asinine.  MLB didn’t plan for the Marlins fiscal woes or for Jeter coming in with a competitive group to buy.  Jeter may not be Michael Jordan, but to many, he was the face of baseball for a long time. MLB saw the opportunity to place the face of the game, and a minority, into ownership, that is a good thing.  It doesn’t mean he’ll do a good job, but it explains why they would want him.

Questions and Speculation:

  1. Did the Yankees or Jeter give Stanton a no trade clause in his contract?
  2. Didn’t Derek Jeter complete deals in principal with the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants? Was this a ruse?  Were the Cardinals and Giants in on “the conspiracy” or were they patsies?
  3. Did the Yankees or Jeter determine which teams would be on Stanton’s approved list?
  4. Were the Los Angeles Dodgers Stanton’s first choice?  and did the Yankees or Jeter know what offer LA would or would not make?
  5. Was Stanton lying about LA being his dream team to play for having grown up in Los Angeles, and being a Dodger fan just to throw us off the track and conspire to join the Yankees?
  6. Was Derek Jeter’s last contract with the Yankees contentious?… Yes it was.
  7. Was there a reported frost between Jeter, and Yankee GM Brian Cashman, who told Jeter to shop the Yankee offer and take it or leave it?  Apparently so.
  8. Even after making over 200 million from the Yankees Jeter was looking to get every last dime on his last contract.
  9. Is Jeter one of the most competitive athletes to play in any sport?
  10. Is Jeter likely to take a lesser deal from the Yankees both in terms of talent and money saved, which his franchise is desperate for?
  11. Do you think Jeter wants to succeed as an owner?
  12. Would he intentionally take a lesser deal from the Yankees and Cashman, then he could get elsewhere?
  13. Have the Yankees been setting themselves up for years to reset the penalty fees they pay, in part to sign Bryce Harper at the end of 2018?  Okay I can understand some skepticism on this one.  But if the Yankees weren’t serious about this, then why did they trade for Sonny Gray this past season at the trade deadline and not Justin Verlander or Yu Darvish?  Why not both?
  14. Image result for giancarlo stantonDid the Yankees have a need for, and could Jeter have anticipated, Yankee interest in Stanton?  Nope.  Not with Judge and their loaded farm system, and their need for starting pitching.

Is this a bad deal for Marlin fans? You bet.  It sucks.  And while this deal fell into the Yankees lap (ergo not planned, not a conspiracy), and looks great today, it may bite them, (especially if this deal comes at the expense of shoring up their pitching) like many long-term big money contracts have.

I’ve been against these long-term deals for a while.  I was fine with Yanks not matching Seattle and letting Robinson Cano walk. And wrote this in 2011 about why St. Louis should not resign Albert Pujols, and how most long-term deals don’t work out.

I’m sure talk radio, the twitter mob, and usual suspects who like to hate on the Yankees will gin up the conspiracy talk, but when considering the above, it just doesn’t add up.

By all means continue to hate and or root against the evil empire if you will, just not over a conspiracy theory that isn’t.